Limitations on access and installation continue to grow which is why we have invested in our own spider crane and high-capacity long reach HIAB, as well as a variety of other well-maintained specialist lifting equipment. This enables us to provide our customers with cost effective solutions, which can be deployed quickly, whilst maintaining high standards of safety. We have an Appointed Person, Lift Supervisors and Slingers as part of our experienced team, which enable us to plan and operate safely on all projects from residential to rail side.

Spider Cranes

Introducing the URW 706

The URW-706 – Spider Crane is a lifting heavyweight in the minicrane world, With a 6 tonne capacity at 3.0m and a hook height of 19.5m, it is one of the highest capacity UNIC cranes in the range, yet at 1670mm wide it is still narrow enough to gain access through a standard double doorway. For added lifting flexibility, the URW-706 also features an optional searcher hook and a 3.1m long swing away fly jib, providing a maximum hook height of 22.7m. The new 706-2 hydraulic searcher hook provides a maximum hook height of 25.9m. By using a combination of a tracked machine and in house crane pad systems, this gives us the ability to operate in locations that have limited access, poor ground conditions or load bearing capacity, which would otherwise rule out all other options.

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Lorry Crane

Introducing HMF 7020k

Our new HIAB lorry the HMF 7020k – Fj-1400, is a state of the art high-capacity long reach HIAB. It has the ability to carry 11 Tonnes, a crane that can lift12.4 Tonnes, and reach a height of 34 meters. It offers unparalleled flexibility in hard to reach and restricted locations. It also has an on-board hoist which enables it to operate in the same manner as a mobile crane. This allows for delivery and long reach lifting capabilities simultaneously, affording a cost effective and efficient solution to clients.

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