Spider Cranes

Introducing the HMF 7020k-rcs

Speed and strength for heavy lifting
The 7020K is one of our most powerful cranes. It is available with a wide range of options, so that it can be modified accord- ing to your exact needs. The crane, furthermore, comes with a number of economic advantages. The low tare weight and reduced space requirements of the crane provide full utilization of your truck body as well as savings on fuel. The construction of the crane is moreover designed in a service-friendly manner, which provide for a long lifespan of your crane and in the end low costs of ownership.

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Lorry Crane

Introducing HMF CRANES 70-95 TM

Our cranes are designed with attention to space requirements, usability, strength, and high lift-to-weight ratio. The main components are made of ultra-high tensile steel, which gives you optimum strength and a long lifespan. The design of the cranes offers best-in-class lift-to-weight ratio, and if extra reach is important for you, our models with fly-jibs are specially adapted for optimal lifting capacity at long reach.

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